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Real Learning aimed for a straightforward and tidy website. The objective was to design a site that not only demonstrates their competence but also fosters trust and draws in individuals seeking dependable learning services. The focus was on keeping things simple and clear while showcasing their expertise to appeal to potential clients looking for reliable learning solutions.

What We Have Done

In partnership with Real Learning, we did research to grasp the learning services landscape. Based on these findings, our team crafted a straightforward website highlighting Real Learning’s expertise. Featuring an easy-to-navigate interface, we present comprehensive details about their offerings, past projects, and customer feedback. Our aim is to link interested individuals with Real Learning’s dependable and top-notch learning solutions.

Before After

The process

1.) Strategy and Planning: We delved into a comprehensive analysis of Real Learning and its target audience, competitors, and industry trends. This analysis guided our strategic approach to design and content development.

2.) Design and Branding: Building on the acquired insights, we fashioned an visually appealing design that harmonized with Real Learning’s brand identity. Our emphasis was on integrating top-notch visuals and user-friendly layouts to engage visitors and underscore their expertise.

3.) Development and Functionality: Our team employed cutting-edge web technologies and industry best practices to construct a responsive and scalable website. We prioritised seamless functionality, quick loading times, and mobile responsiveness to ensure an optimal user experience.

4.) Content Creation: Collaborating closely with Real Learning, we generated compelling and informative content that effectively conveyed their unique value proposition. This included highlighting their learning techniques, use of high-quality materials, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

5.) Testing and Launch: Before the official launch, we rigorously tested the website across various browsers, devices, and screen resolutions to guarantee flawless performance. Subsequently, we deployed the website, optimised it for search engines, and ensured a smooth transition to the live environment.


Anticipating the website’s launch, Real Learning expects significant positive outcomes. The upcoming website aims to position them as a reputable learning services provider in New Zealand, with the goal of increasing visibility and organic traffic.

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